EDB Postgres for Kubernetes Release notes v1

The EDB Postgres for Kubernetes documentation describes the major version of EDB Postgres for Kubernetes, including minor releases and patches. The release notes provide information on what is new in each release. For new functionality introduced in a minor or patch release, the content also indicates the release that introduced the feature.

VersionRelease dateUpstream merges
1.15.02022 Apr 21Upstream 1.15.0
1.14.02022 Mar 25NA
1.13.02022 Feb 17NA
1.12.02022 Jan 11NA
1.11.02021 Dec 15NA
1.10.02021 Nov 11NA
1.9.22021 Oct 15NA
1.9.12021 Sep 30NA
1.9.02021 Sep 28NA
1.8.02021 Sep 13NA
1.7.12021 Aug 11NA
1.7.02021 Jul 28NA
1.6.02021 Jul 12NA
1.5.12021 Jun 11NA
1.5.02021 Jun 17NA
1.4.02021 May 18NA
1.3.02021 Apr 23NA
1.2.12021 Apr 6NA
1.2.02021 Mar 31NA
1.1.02021 Mar 3NA
1.0.02021 Feb 4NA