EDB Postgres for Kubernetes 1.18.11 release notes v1

Released: 22 Mar 2024

EDB Postgres for Kubernetes version 1.18.11 is an LTS release of EDB Postgres for Kubernetes; there is no corresponding upstream release of CloudNativePG.

This release of EDB Postgres for Kubernetes includes the following:

EnhancementAllow customization of the wal_level GUC in PostgreSQL (#4020).
EnhancementAdded the cnpg.io/skipWalArchiving annotation to disable WAL archiving when set to enabled (#4055).
EnhancementEnriched the cnpg plugin for kubectl with the publication and subscription command groups to imperatively set up PostgreSQL native logical replication (#4052).
EnhancementAllow customization of CERTIFICATE_DURATION and EXPIRING_CHECK_THRESHOLD for automated management of TLS certificates handled by the operator (#3686).
EnhancementNow retrieves the correct architecture's binary from the corresponding catalog in the running operator image during in-place updates, enabling the operator to inject the correct binary into any Pod with a supported architecture (#3840).
SecurityNow uses Role instead of ClusterRole for operator permissions in OLM, requiring fewer privileges when installed on a per-namespace basis (#3855, #3990).
SecurityNow enforces fully-qualified object names in SQL queries for the PgBouncer pooler (#4080).
Bug fixNow properly synchronizes PVC group labels with those on the pods, a critical aspect when all pods are deleted and the operator needs to decide which Pod to recreate first (#3930).
Bug fixNow disables wal_sender_timeout when cloning a replica to prevent timeout errors due to slow connections (#4080).
Bug fixNow ensures that backups are ready before initiating recovery bootstrap procedures, preventing an error condition where recovery with incomplete backups could enter an error loop (#3663).
Bug fixResolve a corner case in hibernation where the instance pod has been deleted, but the cluster status still has the hibernation condition set to false (#3970).
Bug fixCorrectly detect Google Cloud capabilities for Barman Cloud (#3931).
UpdateSet the default operand image to PostgreSQL 16.2 (#3823).