EDB Postgres for Kubernetes 1.5.0 release notes v1

Released: 17 Jun 2021

This release of EDB Postgres for Kubernetes includes the following:

FeatureIntroduce the pg_basebackup bootstrap method to create a new PostgreSQL cluster as a copy of an existing PostgreSQL instance of the same major version, even outside Kubernetes.
FeatureAdd support for Kubernetes’ tolerations in the Affinity section of the Cluster resource, allowing users to distribute PostgreSQL instances on Kubernetes nodes with the required taint.
FeatureEnable specification of a digest to an image name, through the <image>:<tag>@sha256:<digestValue> format, for more deterministic and repeatable deployments.
Security fixCustomize TLS certificates to authenticate the PostgreSQL server by defining secrets for the server certificate and the related Certification Authority that signed it.
Security fixRaise the sslmode for the WAL receiver process of internal and automatically managed streaming replicas from require to verify-ca.
ChangeEnhance the promote subcommand of the cnp plugin for kubectl to accept just the node number rather than the whole name of the pod.
ChangeAdopt DNS-1035 validation scheme for cluster names (from which service names are inherited).
ChangeEnforce streaming replication connection when cloning a standby instance or when bootstrapping using the pg_basebackup method.
ChangeIntegrate the Backup resource with beginWal, endWal, beginLSN, endLSN, startedAt and stoppedAt regarding the physical base backup.
Documentation fixProvide a list of ports exposed by the operator and the operand container.
Documentation fixIntroduce the cnp-bench helm charts and guidelines for benchmarking the storage and PostgreSQL for database workloads.
E2E test fixTest Kubernetes 1.21.
E2E test fixAdd test for High Availability of the operator.
E2E test fixAdd test for node draining.
Bug fixTimeout to pg_ctl start during recovery operations too short.
Bug fixOperator not watching over direct events on PVCs.
Bug fixFix handling of immediateCheckpoint and jobs parameter in barmanObjectStore backups.
Bug fixEmpty logs when recovering from a backup.