EDB Postgres for Kubernetes 0.3 release notes v1

Released: 25 Sep 2020

FeatureSupport for PostgreSQL 13.
FeatureRemove emptyDir volume storage support.
FeatureNode maintenance support for PostgreSQL clusters with local storage through the nodeMaintenanceWindow parameter.
EnhancementImprove PostgreSQL configuration management through the usage of a dictionary supporting default, required and fixed values.
FeatureUse MD5 as authentication method for inter-cluster communication, with automated password creation in a secret.
FeatureRemove need for "trust" authentication method.
Featurespec.postgresql.pg_hba is now optional, defaulting to MD5 authentication required for communication between Pods and peer for in-Pod communication.
FeatureRemove "unusable" annotation support, now PVC can just be removed followed by a deletion of the corresponding Pod.
FeatureSupport for license keys, including implicit 30 day trial version.
FixBug fixes and minor improvements.
FeatureUpdate from an earlier version not supported.