EDB Postgres for Kubernetes 1.18.8 release notes v1

Released: 08 Nov 2023

EDB Postgres for Kubernetes version 1.8.8 is an LTS release of EDB Postgres for Kubernetes; there is no corresponding upstream release of CloudNativePG.

This release of EDB Postgres for Kubernetes includes the following:

EnhancementEnhanced the status command of the cnp plugin for kubectl with progress information on active streaming base backups.
EnhancementAllowed the configuration of max_prepared_statements with the pgBouncer Pooler resource.
Technical EnhancementUse extended query protocol for PostgreSQL in the instance manager.
Bug fixSuspend WAL archiving during a switchover and resume it when it is completed.
Bug fixEnsured that the instance manager always uses synchronous_commit = local when managing the PostgreSQL cluster.
Bug fixCustom certificates for streaming replication user through .spec.certificates.replicationTLSSecret are now working.
Bug fixSet the k8s.enterprisedb.io/cluster label to the Pooler pods.
ChangeStopped using the postgresql.auto.conf file inside PGDATA to control Postgres replication settings, and replace it with a file named override.conf.