EDB Postgres for Kubernetes 1.12.0 release notes v1

Released: 11 Jan 2022

This release of EDB Postgres for Kubernetes includes the following:

FeatureAdd Kubernetes 1.23 to the list of supported Kubernetes distributions and remove end-to-end tests for 1.17, which ended support by the Kubernetes project in Dec 2020.
FeatureImprove the responsiveness of pod status checks in case of network issues by adding a connection timeout of 2 seconds and a communication timeout of 30 seconds. This change sets a limit on the time the operator waits for a pod to report its status before declaring it as failed, enhancing the robustness and predictability of a failover operation.
FeatureIntroduce the .spec.inheritedMetadata field to the Cluster allowing the user to specify labels and annotations that will apply to all objects generated by the Cluster.
FeatureReduce the number of queries executed when calculating the status of an instance.
FeatureAdd a readiness probe for PgBouncer.
FeatureAdd support for custom Certification Authority of the endpoint of Barman’s backup object store when using Azure protocol.
Bug fixDuring a failover, wait to select a new primary until all the WAL streaming connections are closed. The operator now sets by default wal_sender_timeout and wal_receiver_timeout to 5 seconds to make sure standby nodes will quickly notice if the primary has network issues.
Bug fixChange WAL archiving strategy in replica clusters to fix rolling updates by setting "archive_mode" to "always" for any PostgreSQL instance in a replica cluster. We then restrict the upload of the WAL only from the current and target designated primary. A WAL may be uploaded twice during switchovers, which is not an issue.
Bug fixFix support for custom Certification Authority of the endpoint of Barman’s backup object store in replica clusters source.
Bug fixUse a fixed name for default monitoring config map in the cluster namespace.
Bug fixIf the defaulting webhook is not working for any reason, the operator now updates the Cluster with the defaults also during the reconciliation cycle.
Bug fixFix the comparison of resource requests and limits to fix a rare issue leading to an update of all the pods on every reconciliation cycle.
Bug fixImprove log messages from webhooks to also include the object namespace.
Bug fixStop logging a “default” message at the start of every reconciliation loop.
Bug fixStop logging a PodMonitor deletion on every reconciliation cycle if enablePodMonitor is false.
Bug fixDo not complain about possible architecture mismatch if a pod is not reachable.