EDB Postgres for Kubernetes 1.0 release notes v1

Released: 04 Feb 2021

The first major release implements Cluster, Backup and ScheduledBackup in the API group postgresql.k8s.enterprisedb.io/v1. It uses these resources to create and manage PostgreSQL clusters inside Kubernetes with the following main capabilities:

FeatureDirect integration with Kubernetes API server for High Availability, without requiring an external tool.
FeatureFailover of the primary instance by promoting the most aligned replica.
FeatureAutomated recreation of a replica.
FeaturePlanned switchover of the primary instance by promoting a selected replica.
FeatureScale up/down capabilities.
FeatureDefinition of an arbitrary number of instances (minimum 1 - one primary server).
FeatureDefinition of the read-write service to connect your applications to the only primary server of the cluster.
FeatureDefinition of the read service to connect your applications to any of the instances for reading workloads.
FeatureSupport for Local Persistent Volumes with PVC templates.
FeatureReuse of Persistent Volumes storage in Pods.
FeatureRolling updates for PostgreSQL minor versions and operator upgrades.
FeatureTLS connections and client certificate authentication.
FeatureContinuous backup to an S3 compatible object store.
FeatureFull recovery and point-in-time recovery from an S3 compatible object store backup.
FeatureSupport for synchronous replicas.
FeatureSupport for node affinity via nodeSelector property.
FeatureStandard output logging of PostgreSQL error messages.