EDB Postgres for Kubernetes 1.8.0 release notes v1

Released: 13 Sep 2023

This release of EDB Postgres for Kubernetes includes the following:

FeatureBootstrap a new cluster via full or Point-In-Time Recovery directly from an object store defined in the external cluster section, eliminating the previous requirement to have a Backup CR defined.
FeatureIntroduce the immediate option in scheduled backups to request a backup immediately after the first Postgres instance running, adding the capability to rewind to the very beginning of a cluster when Point-In-Time Recovery is configured.
FeatureAdd the firstRecoverabilityPoint in the cluster status to report the oldest consistent point in time to request a recovery based on the backup object store’s content.
FeatureEnhance the default Prometheus exporter for a PostgreSQL instance by exposing the following new metrics: number of WAL files and computed total size on disk, number of WAL files and computed total size on disk, number of .ready and .done files in the archive status folder, flag for replica mode, number of requested minimum/maximum synchronous replicas, as well as the expected and actually observed ones.
FeatureAdd support for the runonserver option when defining custom metrics in the Prometheus exporter to limit the collection of a metric to a range of PostgreSQL versions.
FeatureNatively support Azure Blob Storage for backup and recovery, by taking advantage of the feature introduced in Barman 2.13 for Barman Cloud.
FeatureRely on pg_isready for the liveness probe.
FeatureSupport RFC3339 format for timestamp specification in recovery target times.
FeatureIntroduce .spec.imagePullPolicy to control the pull policy of image containers for all pods and jobs created for a cluster.
FeatureAdd support for OpenShift 4.8, which replaces OpenShift 4.5.
FeatureSupport PostgreSQL 14 (beta).
FeatureEnhance the replica cluster feature with cross-cluster replication from an object store defined in an external cluster section, without requiring a streaming connection (experimental).
FeatureIntroduce logLevel option to the cluster's spec to specify one of the following levels: error, info, debug or trace.
Security fixIntroduce .spec.enableSuperuserAccess to enable/disable network access with the postgres user through password authentication.
Security fixEnable specification of a license key in a secret with spec.licenseKeySecret.
Bug fixProperly inform users when a cluster enters an unrecoverable state and requires human intervention.