EDB Postgres for Kubernetes 1.18.6 release notes v1

Released: 27 Jul 2023

This release of EDB Postgres for Kubernetes includes the following:

EnhancementAdded a metric and status field to monitor node usage by an EDB Postgres for Kubernetes cluster.
EnhancementAdded troubleshooting instructions relating to hugepages to the documentation.
EnhancementExtended the FAQs page in the documentation.
EnhancementAdded a check at the start of the restore process to ensure it can proceed; give improved error diagnostics if it cannot.
Bug fixEnsured the logic of setting the recovery target matches that of Postgres.
Bug fixPrevented taking over service accounts not owned by the cluster by setting ownerMetadata only during service account creation.
Bug fixPrevented a possible crash of the instance manager during the configuration reload.
Bug fixPrevented the LastFailedArchiveTime alert from triggering if a new backup has been successful after the failed ones.
Security fixUpdated all project dependencies to the latest versions