EDB Postgres for Kubernetes 1.18.9 release notes v1

Released: 22 Dec 2023

EDB Postgres for Kubernetes version 1.18.9 is an LTS release of EDB Postgres for Kubernetes; there is no corresponding upstream release of CloudNativePG.

This release of EDB Postgres for Kubernetes includes the following:

SecurityBy default, TLSv1.3 is now enforced on all PostgreSQL 12 or higher installations. Additionally, users can configure the ssl_ciphers, ssl_min_protocol_version, and ssl_max_protocol_version GUCs (#3408).
SecurityIntegrated Docker image scanning with Dockle to enhance security measures.
DefaultsDefault operand image is now PostgreSQL 16.1 (#3270).
EnhancementImproved reconciliation of external clusters (#3533).
EnhancementIntroduced the ability to enable/disable the ALTER SYSTEM command (#3535).
EnhancementAdded support for Prometheus' dynamic relabeling through the podMonitorMetricRelabelings and podMonitorRelabelings options in the .spec.monitoring stanza of the Cluster and Pooler resources (#3075).
EnhancementEliminated the use of the PGPASSFILE environment variable when establishing a network connection to PostgreSQL (#3522).
EnhancementImproved cnp report plugin command by collecting a cluster's PVCs (#3357).
EnhancementConnection poolerScaling down instances of a Pooler resource to 0 is now possible (#3517).
EnhancementConnection poolerAdded the k8s.enterprisedb.io/podRole label with a value of 'pooler' to every pooler deployment, differentiating them from instance pods (#3396).
Bug fixReconciled metadata, annotations, and labels of PodDisruptionBudget resources (#3312 and #3434).
Bug fixReconciled the metadata of the managed credential secrets (#3316).
Bug fixDisabled wal_sender_timeout when joining through pg_basebackup (#3586).
Bug fixSecrets labeled cnpg.io/reload=true and used by external clusters are now reloaded when they change (#3565).
Bug fixConnection poolerEnsured the controller watches all secrets owned by a Pooler resource (#3428).
Bug fixConnection poolerReconciled RoleBinding for Pooler resources (#3391).
Bug fixConnection poolerReconciled imagePullSecret for Pooler resources (#3389).
Bug fixConnection poolerReconciled the service of a Pooler and addition of the required labels (#3349).
Bug fixConnection poolerExtended Pooler labels to the deployment as well, not just the pods (#3350).