EDB Postgres for Kubernetes 0.1 release notes v1

Released: 3 Apr 2020

FeatureReuse of existing persistent storage with Pods (required for rolling updates).
FeatureIndependence between operator container image and PostgreSQL container image (required by rolling updates) - this enables usage of Community PostgreSQL images.
FeatureRolling updates for the update of the operator and the entire cluster to a new version of PostgreSQL, by updating all the replicas first; switchover can be entirely managed by Kubernetes once replicas have been updated (unsupervised option), or manually triggered by the user (supervised option).
FeatureCheck framework for update-in-progress of a Pod.
EnhancementImprovements in cluster status information.
EnhancementE2E tests for Kubernetes 1.18.
EnhancementE2E performance tests for failover (< 5 seconds).
EnhancementImprovements in E2E tests for switchover.
FeatureSupport for PostgreSQL's cluster_name GUC.
FeatureNew documentation section Exposing Postgres services.
FeatureNew documentation section Security.