EDB Postgres for Kubernetes 1.10.0 release notes v1

Released: 11 Nov 2021

This release of EDB Postgres for Kubernetes includes the following:

FeatureConnection Pooling with PgBouncer: introduce the Pooler resource and controller to automatically manage a PgBouncer deployment to be used as a connection pooler for a local PostgreSQL Cluster. The feature includes TLS client/server connections, password authentication, High Availability, pod templates support, configuration of key PgBouncer parameters, PAUSE/RESUME, logging in JSON format, Prometheus exporter for stats, pools, and lists.
FeatureBackup Retention Policies: support definition of recovery window retention policies for backups (e.g. ‘30d’ to ensure a recovery window of 30 days).
FeatureIn-Place updates of the operator: introduce an in-place online update of the instance manager, which removes the need to perform a rolling update of the entire cluster following an update of the operator. By default this option is disabled (please refer to the documentation for more detailed information).
FeatureLimit the list of options that can be customized in the initdb bootstrap method to dataChecksums, encoding, localeCollate, localeCType, walSegmentSize. This makes the options array obsolete and planned to be removed in the v2 API.
FeatureIntroduce the postInitTemplateSQL option as part of the initdb bootstrap method to specify a list of SQL queries to be executed on the template1 database as a superuser immediately after the cluster has been created. This feature allows you to include default objects in all application databases created in the cluster.
FeatureNew default metrics added to the instance Prometheus exporter: Postgres version, cluster name, and first point of recoverability according to the backup catalog.
FeatureRetry taking a backup after a failure.
FeatureBuild awareness about Barman Cloud capabilities in order to prevent the operator from invoking recently introduced features (such as retention policies, or Azure Blob Container storage) that are not present in operand images that are not frequently updated.
FeatureIntegrate the output of the status command of the cnp plugin with information about the backup.
FeatureIntroduce a new annotation that reports the status of a PVC (being initialized or ready).
FeatureSet the cluster name in the k8s.enterprisedb.io/cluster label for every object generated in a Cluster, including Backup objects.
FeatureDrop support for deprecated API version postgresql.k8s.enterprisedb.io/v1alpha1 on the Cluster, Backup, and ScheduledBackup kinds.
FeatureSet default operand image to PostgreSQL 14.2.
Security fixSet allowPrivilegeEscalation to false for the operator containers securityContext.
Bug fixDisable primary PodDisruptionBudget during maintenance in single-instance clusters.
Bug fixUse the correct certificate certification authority (CA) during recovery operations.
Bug fixPrevent Postgres connection leaking when checking WAL archiving status before taking a backup.
Bug fixLet WAL archive/restore sleep for 100ms following transient errors that would flood logs otherwise.