EDB Postgres for Kubernetes 1.7.0 release notes v1

Released: 28 Jul 2021

This release of EDB Postgres for Kubernetes includes the following:

FeatureAdd native support to PGAudit with a new type of logger called pgaudit directly available in the JSON output.
FeatureNative support for the pg_stat_statements and auto_explain extensions.
FeatureThe target_databases option in the Prometheus exporter to run a user-defined metric query on one or more databases (including auto-discovery of databases through shell-like pattern matching).
FeatureExposure of the manual_switchover_required metric to promptly report whether a cluster with primaryUpdateStrategy set to supervised requires a manual switchover.
FeatureTransparently handle shared_preload_libraries for pg_audit, auto_explain and pg_stat_statements.
FeatureAutomatic configuration of shared_preload_libraries for PostgreSQL when pg_stat_statements, pgaudit or auto_explain options are added to the postgresql parameters section.
FeatureSupport the k8s.enterprisedb.io/reload label to finely control the automated reload of config maps and secrets, including those used for custom monitoring/alerting metrics in the Prometheus exporter or to store certificates.
FeatureAdd the reload command to the cnp plugin for kubectl to trigger a reconciliation loop on the instances.
FeatureImprove control of pod affinity and anti-affinity configurations through additionalPodAffinity and additionalPodAntiAffinity.
FeatureIntroduce a separate PodDisruptionBudget for primary instances, by requiring at least a primary instance to run at any time.
Security fixAdd the .spec.certificates.clientCASecret and spec.certificates.replicationTLSSecret options to define custom client Certification.
Security fixAuthority and certificate for the PostgreSQL server, to be used to authenticate client certificates and secure communication between PostgreSQL nodes.
Security fixAdd the .spec.backup.barmanObjectStore.endpointCA option to define the custom Certification Authority bundle of the endpoint of Barman’s backup object store.
Bug fixCorrectly parse histograms in the Prometheus exporter.
Bug fixReconcile services created by the operator for a cluster.