Examples v1

In this section, you can find some examples of configuration files to set up your PostgreSQL Cluster.


These are here for demonstration and experimentation purposes, and can be executed on a personal Kubernetes cluster with Minikube or Kind as described in the "Quickstart".

Basic cluster : cluster-example.yaml a basic example of a cluster.

Custom cluster : cluster-example-custom.yaml a basic cluster that uses the default storage class and custom parameters for the postgresql.conf and pg_hba.conf files.

Customized storage class : cluster-storage-class.yaml: a basic cluster that uses a specified storage class of standard.

Customized storage class and backups : Prerequisites: bucket storage should be available. The sample config is for AWS, please change to suit your setup : cluster-storage-class-with-backup.yaml a cluster with backups configured

Backup : Prerequisites: cluster-storage-class-with-backup.yaml applied and Healthy : backup-example.yaml: an example of a backup that runs against the previous sample

Cluster with PVC (Persistent Volume Claim) configured : cluster-pvc-template.yaml: a basic cluster that with an explicit persistent volume claim template.

Full example : cluster-example-full.yaml: a cluster that sets most of the available options.

PostGIS example : postgis-example.yaml: an example of "PostGIS cluster" (see the PostGIS section for details.)

Replica cluster via streaming (pg_basebackup) : Prerequisites: cluster-example.yaml applied and Healthy : cluster-example-replica-streaming.yaml: a replica cluster following cluster-example with streaming replication.

Simple cluster with backup configured : Prerequisites: The configuration assumes minio is running and working. Please update backup.barmanObjectStore with your minio parameters or your cloud solution : cluster-example-with-backup.yaml a basic cluster with backups configured.

Replica cluster via Backup from an object store : Prerequisites: cluster-storage-class-with-backup.yaml applied and Healthy. And a backup cluster-example-trigger-backup.yaml applied and Completed. : cluster-example-replica-from-backup-simple.yaml: a replica cluster following a cluster with backup configured.

Replica cluster via Volume Snapshot : Prerequisites: cluster-example-with-volume-snapshot.yaml applied and Healthy. And a volume snapshot backup-with-volume-snapshot.yaml applied and Completed. : cluster-example-replica-from-volume-snapshot.yaml: a replica cluster following a cluster with volume snapshot configured.

Bootstrap cluster with SQL files : cluster-example-initdb-sql-refs.yaml: a cluster example that will execute a set of queries defined in a Secret and a ConfigMap right after the database is created.

Sample cluster with customized pg_hba configuration : cluster-example-pg-hba.yaml: a basic cluster that enables user app to authenticate using certificates.

Sample cluster with Secret and Configmap mounted using projected volume template : cluster-example-projected-volume.yaml a basic cluster with existing Secret and Configmap mounted into Postgres pod using projected volume mount.

Cluster with declarative role management : cluster-example-with-roles.yaml: declares a role with the managed stanza, includes password management with kubernetes secrets

Cluster with TDE enabled : cluster-example-tde.yaml an EPAS 15 cluster with TDE. Note that you will need access credentials to download the image used.

For a list of available options, please refer to the "API Reference" page.