Installation and upgrades v1


For instructions on how to install EDB Postgres for Kubernetes on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, see Red Hat OpenShift.

The following supplements the Installation and upgrades topic in the upstream CloudNativePG project.

Installation on Kubernetes

Directly using the operator manifest

The operator can be installed like any other resource in Kubernetes, through a YAML manifest applied via kubectl.

You can install the latest operator manifest as follows:

kubectl apply -f \

Once you have run the kubectl command, EDB Postgres for Kubernetes will be installed in your Kubernetes cluster.

You can verify that with:

kubectl get deploy -n postgresql-operator-system postgresql-operator-controller-manager

Details about the deployment

Differently from CloudNativePG, the operator is installed in the postgresql-operator-system namespace as a Kubernetes Deployment called postgresql-operator-controller-manager by default. You can get more information by running:

kubectl describe deploy \
  -n postgresql-operator-system \