EDB Postgres for Kubernetes 1.4.0 release notes v1

Released: 18 May 2021

This release of EDB Postgres for Kubernetes includes the following:

FeatureStandard output logging of PostgreSQL error messages in JSON format.
FeatureProvide a basic set of PostgreSQL metrics for the Prometheus exporter.
FeatureAdd the restart command to the cnp plugin for kubectl to restart the pods of a given PostgreSQL cluster in a rollout fashion.
Security fixSet readOnlyRootFilesystem security context for pods.
ChangeIMPORTANT: If you have previously deployed the Cloud Native PostgreSQL operator using the YAML manifest, you must delete the existing operator deployment before installing the new version. This is required to avoid conflicts with other Kubernetes API's due to a change in labels and label selectors being directly managed by the operator. Please refer to the Cloud Native PostgreSQL documentation for additional detail on upgrading to 1.4.0.
ChangeFix the labels that are automatically defined by the operator, renaming them from control-plane: controller-manager to app.kubernetes.io/name: cloud-native-postgresql.
ChangeAssign the metrics name to the TCP port for the Prometheus exporter.
ChangeSet cnp_metrics_exporter as the application_name to the metrics exporter connection in PostgreSQL.
ChangeWhen available, use the application database for monitoring queries of the Prometheus exporter instead of the postgres database.
Documentation fixesCustomization of monitoring queries.
Documentation fixesOperator upgrade instructions.
Bug fixAvoid using -R when calling pg_basebackup.
Bug fixRemove stack trace from error log when getting the status.