EDB Postgres for Kubernetes 1.18.10 release notes v1

Released: 02 Feb 2024

EDB Postgres for Kubernetes version 1.18.10 is an LTS release of EDB Postgres for Kubernetes; there is no corresponding upstream release of CloudNativePG.

This release of EDB Postgres for Kubernetes includes the following:

EnhancementTailor ephemeral volume storage in a Postgres cluster using a claim template through the ephemeralVolumeSource option (#3678).
EnhancementIntroduce the pgadmin4 command in the cnp plugin for kubectl, providing a straightforward method to demonstrate connecting to a given database cluster and navigate its content in a local environment such as kind - for evaluation purposes only (#3701).
EnhancementAllow customization of PostgreSQL's ident map file via the .spec.postgresql.pg_ident stanza, through a list of user name maps (#3534).
Bug fixPrevent an unrecoverable issue with pg_rewind failing due to postgresql.auto.conf being read-only on clusters where the ALTER SYSTEM SQL command is disabled - the default (#3728).
Bug fixReduce the risk of disk space shortage when using the import facility of the initdb bootstrap method, by disabling the durability settings in the PostgreSQL instance for the duration of the import process (#3743).
Bug fixAvoid pod restart due to erroneous resource quantity comparisons, e.g. "1 != 1000m" (#3706).
Bug fixProperly escape reserved characters in pgpass connection fields (#3713).
Bug fixPrevent systematic rollout of pods due to considering zero and nil different values in .spec.projectedVolumeTemplate.sources (#3647).
Bug fixEnsure configuration coherence by pruning from postgresql.auto.conf any options now incorporated into override.conf (#3773).