EDB Postgres for Kubernetes 1.18.12 release notes v1

Released: 24 Apr 2024

EDB Postgres for Kubernetes version 1.18.12 is an LTS release of EDB Postgres for Kubernetes; there is no corresponding upstream release of CloudNativePG.

This release of EDB Postgres for Kubernetes includes the following:

EnhancementAdded upgrade process from 1.18.x LTS to 1.22.x LTS
EnhancementDocumentation for Kubernetes 1.29.x or above (#3729)
EnhancementEnsure pods with no ownership are deleted during cluster restore (#4141)
Bug fixProperly handle LSN sorting when is empty on a replica (#4283)
Bug fixAvoids stopping reconciliation loop when there is no instance status available (#4132)
Bug fixWaits for elected replica to be in streaming mode before a switchover (#4288)
Bug fixAllow backup hooks to be called while using Velero backup
Bug fixWaits for the Restic init container to be completed
SecurityUpdated all Go dependencies to fix any latest security issues