EDB Postgres for Kubernetes 1.16.1 release notes v1

Released: 12 Aug 2022

This release of EDB Postgres for Kubernetes includes the following:

Upstream mergeMerged with community CloudNativePG 1.16. See the community Release Notes.

Important changes to our upgrade policy

We are adopting a new policy to support the last two minor versions of the product, in line with the CloudNativePG community.

As a result, we are introducing the following head versions in the new OLM channels in OpenShift to manage the update streams for EDB Postgres for Kubernetes:

  • fast: the latest available patch release for the latest available minor release
  • stable-v1.16: the latest available patch release of the 1.16 minor release
  • stable-v1.15: the latest available patch release of the 1.15 minor release

Prior to this release, the only channel that we were supporting was the stable channel. This channel is now obsolete. However, for backward compatibility it is currently set as an alias of the stable-v1.15 channel. It will be removed once version 1.15 reaches End of Life.

Important information about upgrading to a 1.16.x operator version on Openshift

We have made a change to the way conditions are represented in the status of the operator in version 1.16.0 and onward. This change could cause an operator upgrade to hang on Openshift if one of the old conditions are set during the upgrade process because of the way the Operator Lifecycle Manager checks new CRDs against existing CRs.

Prior to installing 1.16.x on Openshift, if you are upgrading from a 1.15.x (or earlier) version of the operator, we recommend uninstalling the existing version of the operator, then deleting all of the old conditions out of the statuses of all existing EDB Postgres for Kubernetes clusters. This will have no effect on the operability of your existing EDB Postgres for Kubernetes clusters.

To remove the existing conditions run:

while IFS=' ' read  NS CLUSTER; do
  kubectl -n ${NS} patch --type='json' ${CLUSTER} --subresource=status -p='[{"op": "remove", "path": "/status/conditions"}]';
done < <(kubectl get cluster -A --no-headers=true -o jsonpath='{range .items[*]}{.metadata.namespace}{" cluster/"}{.metadata.name}{"\n"}{end}')

The kubectl command must be version 1.24 or higher. If you get the output The request is invalid it means that the target cluster didn't have any condition on it.

This command will remove all of the conditions from all of the EDB Postgres for Kubernetes clusters in your Openshift cluster. Once the command completes, you can safely install version 1.16.x.

If you have already tried to upgrade to 1.16.x from 1.15.x (or earlier) and the install of 1.16.x shows as "Pending" and the earlier version shows as "Cannot update", uninstall both versions of the operator and run the command that removes the statuses.