EDB Postgres for Kubernetes 0.6 release notes v1

Released: 4 Dec 2020

FeatureAdd Point-In-Time Recovery based on timestamp, target name, or transaction Id, as well as the specification of the timeline, through a new bootstrap method option called recoveryTarget.
FeatureAdd Synchronous Streaming Replication support through the minSyncReplicas and maxSyncReplicas cluster options, defining respectively the expected minimum and maximum number of synchronous standby servers at any time (disabled by default)
FeatureSupport EDB Postgres Advanced Server (EPAS).
FeatureConfigure initdb options for the bootstrap of an empty cluster (initDb).
FeatureEnable/Disable Redwood compatibility level with EPAS.
FeatureExtend the instance manager with a new framework for the export of metrics for Prometheus - currently supporting pg_stat_archiver only.
FeatureUse Kubernetes jobs instead of init containers to perform cluster initialization procedures (including standby creation and recovery) and improve their observability.
FeatureRecord Kubernetes events to be used by kubectl describe and kubectl get events.
FeatureIntroduce Kubernetes expectations for Pods, PVCs, and Jobs to prevent race conditions.
FeatureSet application_name in PostgreSQL to the name of the Pod/instance.
FeatureThe fullRecovery bootstrap mode has been renamed to recovery to address also Point-In-Time Recovery
FixBug fixes and code improvements.