Solutions that save money and deliver ROI quickly

Put open source power and savings to work at your organization today.

Postgres Plus Solutions are all designed to optimize your use of open source based products from EnterpriseDB. We can help you with training, high availability setups, tools, support, consultative services, remote DBAs, and much more, all from a worldwide enterprise-class organization.

EnterpriseDB Solutions:


Postgres NoSQL combines unstructured and relational solutions into a single powerful enterprise DBMS.

Integrating low cost feature-rich open sourced based alternatives into your data center was never easier.

With Postgres Plus Advanced Server and RHEL, Infor LN offers an open source based stack with incredible cost savings.

Faced with high fiscal pressures, more governments are turning to EDB for budget-saving open source based solutions.

EDB and IBM bring a cost-effective, enterprise-class database solution to CIOs and IT managers on PowerLinux.

A Postgres Plus Advanced Server OVA with RHEL gives IBM PureSystems users open source based DBMS choices. 

Product features, tools, training, and services give EDB users a comprehensive approach to maintaining performance.

Single- and multi-master options solve problems including availability, performance, disaster recovery, and data integration.

EDB and HP provide Itanium users a low-cost database compatible alternative to SPARC, OEL and Oracle databases.

Experience the maturity of a true enterprise-class open source database for your growing MySQL application.

Postgres Plus products and JBoss Middleware offer powerful solutions for a wide variety of Java applications.