Customer Success Stories

Customer Success Stories

Indiana State University Modernizes Their Tuition Benefits and Tracking System with Postgres and EDB Support

Following a successful migration of its tuition benefits and tracking system—allowing them to provide and manage financial aid and veteran tuition assistance—from Oracle to Postgres, Indiana State University knew they would need help maintaining their new database.

The FBI Saves Money and Maintains Data Ownership by Migrating from Oracle with EDB’s Help

As part of an ongoing modernization effort, the FBI planned to migrate key applications—including those for case management and background checks—away from their Oracle infrastructure and into AWS cloud. However, it quickly became clear that Oracle’s licensing fees would make such a migration…

Major North American Automobile Manufacturer Leaves Oracle in the Dust with Postgres and EDB

Businesses across industries are looking to take full advantage of the cloud with cloud-first strategies and cloud native database technologies. Unfortunately, many commercial database providers limit enterprises’ options, waylaying them with restrictive licenses, ever-growing costs and frustrating…

Linxup Eliminates Downtime, Increases Write Scalability and Charts a Course to the Cloud Backed By EDB Postgres Distributed

Linxup develops vehicle and asset tracking solutions for fleets and service companies in a variety of industries. Linxup delivers powerful but easy-to-use GPS solutions through a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. Their data gives businesses the tools they need to improve fleet management,…

Why share your Postgres success?

Postgres and EDB users learn from each other and contribute in different ways—that’s why we want to help you share your story. Sharing your experience is an easy and efficient way for you to contribute while taking minimal time out of your hectic schedule. The EDB customer reference team has the…

Ericsson Integrates EDB Postgres to Increase Performance and Lower Costs

Ericsson CMS is a comprehensive platform for the end-to-end management of content operations for the television industry. In order to keep pace with the increasing demands for volume and performance, the organization replaced its legacy database system with EDB Postgres Advanced Server to ensure…

U.S. Wireless Carrier Migrates 100TB Oracle Database to EDB Postgres in First Open Source Initiative

Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture (ARMA) Uses EDB to Improve Availability of Critical Beneficiary Support Systems

Described as the Middle East’s leading digital wallet, stc pay offers innovative digital fintech and payment solutions to customers throughout the region.

STC Pay Builds a Leading Fintech App for the Middle East Market with Help from Postgres and EDB

Described as the Middle East’s leading digital wallet, stc pay offers innovative digital fintech and payment solutions to customers throughout the region.

SAS Deploys and Operationalizes an Enterprise Postgres Database With Help From EDB

SAS is the leader in analytics and the largest independent vendor in the business intelligence market. Through innovative analytics and artificial intelligence, SAS empowers and inspires customers around the world to transform data into intelligence. SAS serves customers in 150 countries, with its…

With EDB and Postgres, MDS Global Expands Market Opportunity While Modernizing Underlying Infrastructure

MDS Global provides business support systems (BSS) as a service for telecommunications companies around the world. Their solutions help companies manage all aspects of monetization, assurance, and customer steering for complex products and services.

telegra Implements EDB Postgres Distributed to Provide High Availability for its Mission Critical Postgres Databases

telegra adopted EDB Postgres Advanced Server (EPAS) with EDB Postgres Distributed across both its new Dusseldorf and Cologne datacenters, which has enabled the company to switch from a primary-failover to a primary-primary setup.

CARE Risk Solutions Accelerates Performance and Growth with EDB

With their customers running on Oracle Exadata databases, CARE Risk Solutions was battling against performance and scale issues. They needed to find a database that could handle the complex reporting, size, and expectations of their large financial services clients. They also needed to migrate…

Why Mastercard's Secret to Zero Downtime is Postgres

Mastercard has used an array of database technologies, including Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Cassandra, Hadoop, DB2 and PostgreSQL, for years. In my role as Lead BizOps Engineer, I support the payment gateway, which Mastercard acquired in 2014. With it came Postgres, a pleasant coincidence…

Wharton Research Data Services Leverages Postgres and EDB Expertise

Postgres provides WRDS with the foundational DBMS to continue providing these services, while EDB ensures that Postgres is constantly meeting the needs of both WRDS and their client institutions.

U.S. Army benefits from EDB’s robust PostgreSQL functionality

Groups within the U.S. Army benefit from EDB’s decades of PostgreSQL experience. EDB supports a wide range of U.S. Army missions, including modeling and simulation, satellite communications, research initiatives, biometric identification, forward deployed tactical deployments, and lifecycle…

PostgreSQL at the London Stock Exchange Group: Lessons and Challenges

Roberto Giordano is the head of Database Services for the Capital Markets division at the London Stock Exchange. In this talk from Postgres Vision 2020, he discusses lessons and challenges of his journey pioneering the use of open source database technologies at the LSEG over the last decade. He…

NTT DATA ABIC Provides Low-Cost, High-Reliability Cloud Services to Japanese Financial Institutions with the Help of EDB

NTT DATA ABIC switched their underlying database from Oracle to EDB Postgres Advanced Server. As a result, NTT DATA ABIC provides users with high-value solutions that stand out in terms of cost, reliability, functionality, and convenience.

Metasphere Unlocks New Opportunities by Choosing Postgres and EDB

Formed in 2006 from the telemetry division of Logica Plc (now CGI), Metasphere provides solutions for the collection, processing, visualization, and reporting of data and information for customers around the world.

Life after proprietary wares: German support biz flees IBM Db2 databases for something more Postgres-shaped

BG-Phoenics, a German IT services outfit specializing in the insurance market, has migrated 500 IBM Db2 databases to the EDB iteration of Postgres in a sign of life after proprietary wares. The company joins Indian credit reference agency TransUnion CIBIL, which shifted Oracle workloads to EDB,…

Leading Online Education Platform Accomplishes a Vital Upgrade with Support from EDB

Headquartered in Amsterdam, this leading online education provider specializes in digital assets aimed at researchers and students, with a focus on healthcare.

How IKEA Retail Group used PostgreSQL to find success their way

Amidst database modernization and an increasing emphasis on customer-centricity, IKEA Retail Group made an important business decision to improve operations and cut downtime by moving to PostgreSQL.

How the Federal Emergency Management Agency achieved 100% Containerization, including PostgreSQL

Docker is quickly becoming the preferred method for deploying modern applications, but running a PostgreSQL cluster in containers is not yet prevalent. In this talk from Postgres Vision 2020, Jerry Eshbaugh, Sr. DevOps Team Leader, Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), discusses the benefits…

Golf Genius Moves to Native PostgreSQL with Expert Support from 2ndQuadrant, an EDB company

Golf Genius was looking to move from a managed database service to running native PostgreSQL on AWS EC2. Although the team knew PostgreSQL well, they acknowledged that they needed a team of experts. For this expertise, they required a trusted partner for Remote DBA and 24/7 support services.

Fortuna Entertainment Group Remains Always On, Secure and Highly Extensible with Postgres and EDB

When looking for their ideal database, Fortuna Entertainment Group had transaction volume front-of-mind from the very beginning. As an online betting and gaming service, their applications have to be able to handle massive amounts of transactional requests from users.