EnterpriseDB Community Participation

EnterpriseDB and the Community

EnterpriseDB is deeply involved with and committed to the Postgres community with the goal of constantly improving and building upon the software as well as promoting and facilitating the adoption of PostgreSQL and related products worldwide.

EnterpriseDB participates in the PostgreSQL community in many ways including:

  • Help maintaining PostgreSQL.org
  • Making major contributions to PostgreSQL product features:
    • Materialized Views
    • MySQL and Redis Foreign Data Wrappers for SQL/MED
    • Index Only Scans
    • Linear read scaling to 64 cores
    • Serializable Snapshot Levels
    • pg_upgrade
    • Full Text Search
    • Heap Only Tuples
  • Contributing to ecosystem community projects:
    • pgAdmin
    • pgPool
    • Postgres-XC
  • Employing key community members
  • Creating and hosting freely available one-click binary installers for PostgreSQL
  • Creating and hosting freely available RPM installers for PostgreSQL
  • Hosting portions of the community's online infrastructure
  • Creating StackBuilder enabling the distribution of PostgreSQL add-on components
  • Writing freely available documentation (e.g. pgAdmin)
  • Creating free tutorials for PostgreSQL on multiple topics and platforms
  • Creating and publishing free instructional webinars (e.g. Tuning, Administration, Replication and more)
  • Sponsoring worldwide PostgreSQL events like PG East, PG West, PG Europe, and PG Con
  • Sponsoring local events such as PGDay NY and PgDay TR
  • Promoting press relations on behalf of PostgreSQL
  • Creating and hosting community surveys
  • Encouraging the growth of the PostgreSQL ecosystem with partnerships
  • Hosting PostgreSQL and Postgres Plus forums
  • Answering users questions on community mailing lists
  • Answering questions and offering guidance for people developing new features
  • Testing of new features during the development process
  • Work with hardware vendors to ensure PostgreSQL performs and scales well on their platforms