Working with the Repo

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Below are detailed steps to get started with this repository. Instructions are optimized for macOS.

Note: Items in code blocks indicate the Terminal command you should input; Terminal is a program that comes standard on MacOS.


echo "hi!"

How to Install an IDE, Git, and Homebrew

  1. Download VS Code from (Skip this step if you already have an IDE or favorite editor)
  2. Install Homebrew Go to your Mac Terminal and enter the following command
    /bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"
    This will take a few minutes
  3. Install git from Terminal
    brew install git

How to Install the Repository and dependencies

  1. Clone the docs repo into your local environment
    git clone
  2. Add the new repository folder to VS Code Go to VS Code > File menu > Add Folder to Workspace > browse to “docs” Click on > docs to expand it within VS Code
  3. Install Node.js 12 or higher from the Node.js website
  4. Go to the docs directory in Terminal
    cd docs
  5. Install node
    brew install node
  6. Install python
    brew install python
  7. Install gatsby
    npm i -g gatsby-cli
  8. Install required packages
    npm install
  9. Select sources
    npm run config-sources
    You'll be prompted to choose the packages you'd like to access; you can use comma separated values to choose more than one
    npm run develop
  10. Go to the localhost port in your browser, e.g. http://localhost:8000/ (your url will be mentioned in Terminal)

Tips to Use Terminal

  • +T (press the command key and T key together) opens a new tab - use this to execute terminal commands while npm run develop is running
  • CTRL+C closes a process - use this to return to the terminal prompt after you're done testing with npm run develop

How to Make changes and Submit Pull Requests

You'll make edits and additions via your IDE (VS Code). We recommend using Github Desktop unless you're familiar with git.

  1. Get in the habit of pulling the latest changes from the develop branch of the Github repository on a regular basis, so that you don't have to manually merge your changes with those made by others. Use the "Fetch origin" and "Pull origin" buttons in Github Desktop at the start of your work day to update your local files with those from the server. You should also do this again before submitting a pull request. For details, see: Syncing your branch

  2. To submit a pull request

    • Make changes to the repository in VS code (or your IDE of choice)
    • Save changes (CTRL+S in VS Code)
    • Create a new branch and name it in Github Desktop
    • Follow remaining steps in Github Desktop, most likely starting with "Commit to branch-name"

Further reading

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