EDB Postgres AI databases - Deployment options

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Availability options

Single instance

Single instance databases are great for development and testing, but for production workloads, you need to consider high availability and fault tolerance.

Primary/secondary replication

Primary/Secondary replication is a common high availability solution for databases. In this configuration, a primary database server is responsible for processing read and write requests. A secondary database server is configured to replicate the primary database server. If the primary database server fails, the secondary database server can take over and become the primary database server.

This configuration provides fault tolerance and high availability in a particular location. This can be used with EDB Postgres® Advanced Server (EPAS) and EDB Postgres Extended Server (PGE).

This is a standard configuration option on EDB Postgres AI Cloud Service.

Distributed high availability

High availability is a critical requirement for mission-critical workloads. EDB Postgres Distributed (PGD) provides a distributed database environment that is designed to ensure high availability and fault tolerance for mission-critical workloads. PGD can be used with EPAS, PGE or PostgreSQL databases. PGD is available for self-managed deployment and on the EDB Postgres AI Cloud Service (as the Distributed High Availability option).

This is also a standard configuration option on EDB Postgres AI Cloud Service.

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