Installing EDB*Plus on Windows v41

EDB provides a graphical interactive installer for Windows. You access it using StackBuilder Plus, which is installed as part of EDB Postgres Advanced Server.


Before installing EDB*Plus, you must first install Java (version 1.8 or later). For Windows, Java installers and instructions are available online at:

Using StackBuilder Plus

After installing EDB Postgres Advanced Server, you can use StackBuilder Plus to invoke the graphical installer for EDB*Plus. See Using StackBuilder Plus.

  1. Using the Windows start menu, open StackBuilder Plus and follow the prompts until you get to the module selection page.

  2. Expand the Add-ons, tools, and utilities node and select EDB*Plus.

  3. Select Next and proceed to the Using the graphical installer section in this topic.

Using the graphical installer

  1. Select the installation language and select OK.

  2. On the Setup EDB*Plus page, select Next.

  3. Browse to a directory where you want EDB*Plus to be installed, or allow the installer to install it in the default location. Select Next.

  4. On the Ready to Install page, select Next.

    An information box shows installation progress. This may take a few minutes.

  5. When the installation has completed, select Finish.