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EDB Postgres Advanced Server, EDB Postgres Extended Server, PostgreSQL, Failover Manager, Postgres Enterprise Manager, and Barman can each be deployed on HPE hardware that's customizable per your needs. Furthermore, using the HPE GreenLake Database model with EDB Postgres allows for a simpler end-to-end solution for the entire lifecycle of the database environment.

HPE GreenLake Database works to remove some of the complexities of getting a database up and running, which then allows you to deploy all of your EDB products quickly and securely. HPE does this by taking on some of the in-depth pieces, like designing, implementing, and operating a database so you don't have to put as much focus into these areas. HPE provides you with complete, scalable solutions for all of your server needs to run your databases efficiently.

The following diagram shows the EDB products that were tested on HPE servers. EDB Products on HPE Servers

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