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Technical support for the use of these products is provided by both EDB and Imperva. A support contract must be in place at both EDB and Imperva. You can open a support ticket with either company to start the process. If it's determined through the support ticket that resources from the other vendor are required, open a support ticket with that vendor through normal support channels. This approach allows both companies to work together to help you as needed.


The following logs are available.

EDB Postgres Advanced Server logs

Navigate to the Data directory in your chosen EDB Postgres Advanced Server instance. From there, you can navigate to log or current_logfiles. Or, you can navigate to the postgresql.conf file where you can customize logging options or enable edb_audit logs.

PostgreSQL logs

The default log directories for PostgreSQL logs vary depending on the operating system:

  • Debian-based system: /var/log/postgresql/postgresql-x.x.main.log. X.x.

  • Red Hat-based system: /var/lib/pgsql/data/pg_log

  • Windows: C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\9.3\data\pg_log

Imperva logs

To collect the logs from your Imperva instance:

  1. In your main dashboard area, select Setup.
  2. Select Agents.
  3. Right-click the agent that you want to collect logs for.
  4. Select Log Retrieval.
  5. Select Get Agent Technical Help.


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