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Implementing Liquibase with EDB Postgres Advanced Server requires the following components:

  • EDB Postgres Advanced Server
  • Liquibase software


  • A running EDB Postgres Advanced Server instance
  • User account created on Liquibase Hub
  • Liquibase Pro (CLI) installed

Configure Liquibase for EDB Postgres Advanced Server

  1. Download the PostgreSQL JAR from the PostgreSQL JDBC site.

  2. Move the PostgreSQL JAR to the Liquibase Pro directory.

  3. To access the API key, log in to your Liquibase Hub account and select the Settings icon on the left side of the page.

  4. Copy the API key, which connects the information generated by your changelogs and other operations to your Liquibase Hub projects.

    Configuration of API Key on Liquibase Hub

  5. Create a file in the Liquibase Pro directory to contain:

    • Driver class path

    • Database connection string

    • User authentication information for the database you want to capture

    • Liquibase Pro license key

    • Liquibase Hub API key

See a sample file for configuring Liquibase for EDB Postgres Advanced Server.

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