Installing Postgres Enterprise Manager server on SLES 15 x86_64 v9


Postgres Enterprise Manager 8.3 and later is supported on SLES.


Before you begin the installation process:

  • Set up the repository

    Setting up the repository is a one-time task. If you have already set up your repository, you do not need to perform this step.

    • To set up the EDB repository, go to EDB repositories and follow the instructions provided there.

    • To set up the PostgreSQL community repository, go to yum or apt.


    The PostgreSQL community repository is required only if you are using PostgreSQL as the backend database for PEM server.

  • Install the Postgres server. See Installing EDB Postgres Advanced Server on Linux or Installing PostgreSQL.

  • Review configuration and authentication requirements for PEM.

  • Activate the required SUSE module

    # You can use SLES 15 SP3 for PEM 8.3 and later:
    sudo SUSEConnect -p PackageHub/15.3/x86_64
    # You can use SLES 15 SP4 for PEM 8.6 and later:
    sudo SUSEConnect -p PackageHub/15.4/x86_64
  • Refresh the metadata

    sudo zypper refresh

Install the package

sudo zypper -n install edb-pem

Initial configuration

# You can configure the PEM server using the following command:
sudo /usr/edb/pem/bin/

For more details, see Configuring the PEM server on Linux.

  • The operating system user pem is created while installing the PEM server. The PEM server web application is a WSGI application, which runs under Apache HTTPD. The pem application data and the session is saved to this user's home directory.