Remote monitoring v9

Remote monitoring is monitoring your Postgres cluster using a PEM Agent residing on a different host.

To remotely monitor a Postgres cluster with PEM, you must register the cluster with PEM and bind a PEM agent. See Registering a server for more information.

The following scenarios require remote monitoring using PEM:

PEM remote monitoring supports:

Feature NameRemote monitoring supported?Comments
Manage chartsYes
System reportsYes
Capacity ManagerLimitedThere's no correlation between the Postgres cluster and operating system metrics.
Manage alertsLimitedWhen you run an alert script on the Postges cluster, it runs on the machine where the bound PEM agent is running and not on the actual Postgres cluster machine.
Manage dashboardsLimitedSome dashboards might not be able to show complete data. For example, the operating system information where the Postgres cluster is running isn't displayed as it isn't available.
Manage probesLimitedSome of the PEM probes don't return information, and some of the functionality might be affected. For details about probe functionality, see PEM agent privileges.
Postgres ExpertLimitedThe Postgres Expert provides partial information as operating system information isn't available.
Scheduled tasksLimitedScheduled tasks work only for Postgres clusters, and scripts run on a remote agent.
Core usage reportsLimitedThe Core Usage reports don't show complete information. For example, the platform, number of cores, and total RAM aren't displayed.
Audit managerNo
Log managerNo
Postgres Log Analysis ExpertNo
Tuning wizardNo