Upgrading Apache HTTPD server v9

The Apache HTTPD web server is used to serve the PEM web application. On Linux, PEM doesn't bundle HTTPD but depends on the version provided by the system package manager. On Windows, the PEM installer bundles a version of HTTPD.

Upgrading HTTPD on Linux


If you're using Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Rocky Linux, AlmaLinux, or Oracle Linux, and you're updating HTTPD to address a vulnerability, read Note on HTTPD versioning in RHEL and RHEL derivatives.

If you're running Linux, manage HTTPD along with other system software on your servers. We recommend always using the latest version available from your package manager.

You don't need to stop PEM or back up any files prior to upgrade. Initiate the upgrade from your package manager.

RHEL / Rocky Linux / AlmaLinux / Oracle Linux

sudo yum update httpd

Debian / Ubuntu

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade apache2


sudo zypper update apache2

HTTPD versioning in RHEL and RHEL derivatives

You might notice that the latest version of HTTPD available from RHEL or other RHEL derivatives has a significantly older version number than the latest community release. Specifically, RHEL 7 provides HTTPD 2.4.6, and RHEL 8 provides 2.4.37. It's very important to understand that Red Hat builds custom HTTPD packages for RHEL and backports security fixes.

For this reason, don't assume that a vulnerability present in the community 2.4.37 release is present in the RHEL package of the same version. If you're trying to install a newer version of HTTPD for this reason, it's almost certainly not necessary. See the Apache HTTPD versions supported by Red Hat article in the Red Hat knowledgebase for more information.


Red Hat doesn't support community HTTPD or HTTPD built from source. If you're considering using any other source of HTTPD on a RHEL system, read the Apache HTTPD versions supported by Red Hat article and make sure you understand the implications.

Upgrading HTTPD on Windows

To upgrade to the latest version of HTTPD packaged for PEM by EDB, download the latest PostgreSQL or EDB Advanced Server installer for Windows and use Stack Builder or StackBuilder Plus respectively to update PEM-HTTPD. PEM-HTTPD is located under the Web Development category.

PEM-HTTPD in Stack Builder