EDB PgBouncer v1

EDB PgBouncer is a lightweight connection pooling utility for Postgres and EDB Postgres Advanced Server installations that is based on the open-source PgBouncer project.

When a client application connects to a Postgres server, it negotiates a connection, which takes time. PgBouncer saves time by maintaining a pool of preestablished connections to the server. Instead of connecting directly to the server, the client connects to PgBouncer, minimizing the connection negotiation time by using a previously established connection made available to the client in the PgBouncer pool.

EnterpriseDB enhancements for the PgBouncer project are available via RPM Packages, deb packages, or a graphical installer that you can download with StackBuilder Plus. The enhancements allow EDB PgBouncer to service clients that are using EDB connectors that require compatible out parameter handling.

For more information about PgBouncer, including reference and usage information, see the PgBouncer project site.