Connecting a Client to Pgpool-II v1.0

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Client applications should connect directly to the Pgpool-II listener port on the Pgpool-II host. For example, to connect to the edb database (while using Pgpool-II functionality), enter:

psql -d edb -U enterprisedb -h localhost -p 9999

When invoked at the psql prompt, the following SHOW command keywords display Pgpool-II information:

CommandInformation Provided
SHOW pool_statusDisplays Pgpool-II configuration parameters and their name, value, and description.
SHOW pool_nodesDisplays a list of all configured nodes.
SHOW pool_processesDisplays a list of all Pgpool-II processes waiting for connections or dealing with a connection.
SHOW pool_poolsDisplays a list of pools.
SHOW pool_versionDisplays the Pgpool-II release number.
PGPOOL SHOWDisplays the configuration parameter value.
PGPOOL SETChanges a configuration parameter.
PGPOOL RESETRestores the configuration parameter to the default value.
SHOW POOL_CACHEDisplays cache storage statistics.
SHOW POOL_HEALTH_CHECK_STATSDisplays health check statistics.
SHOW POOL_BACKEND_STATSDisplays backend SQL command statistics.

To view more information about SHOW command options, visit the Pgpool project site.


SHOW POOL_HEALTH_CHECK_STATS and SHOW POOL_BACKEND_STATS commands are available from Pgpool version 4.2 onwards.