EDB Installers

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The PostgreSQL installers created by EnterpriseDB are designed to make it quick and simple to install PostgreSQL on your computer. The installer provides:

  • A distribution-independent PostgreSQL installation.
  • The popular open-source PostgreSQL administration tool, pgAdmin.
  • The Stack Builder package manager (used to download and install drivers, tools and applications to complement your PostgreSQL installation).

The sections that follow provide information about using the PostgreSQL 13.0 installer. It also provides information about:

  • Hardware requirements and software prerequisites before installing PostgreSQL
  • Step-by-step instructions explaining the installation options available with the setup wizard
  • How to use Stack Builder to install modules that provide enhanced functionality for PostgreSQL 13.0
  • Uninstalling PostgreSQL

EDB Language Pack Installer

The EDB Language Pack Installer can be used with both PostgreSQL installations and Advanced Server installations. Details are in the documentation.

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