PostgreSQL command line parameters

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On Windows and MacOS you can optionally include parameters for a PostgreSQL installation on the command line when invoking the PostgreSQL installer.

--create_shortcuts <create_shortcuts>Specifies whether menu shortcuts are created
Default: 1 (yes)
--datadir <datadir>Specifies a location for the cluster's data directory
Windows default: C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\15\data
MacOS default: /Library/PostgreSQL/15/data
--debuglevel <debuglevel>Sets the level of detail written to the debug file. Higher values generate more detailed information
Default: 2
Allowed: 0 1 2 3 4
--debugtrace <debugtrace>Specifies the filename containing installation details used for troubleshooting purposes
--disable-components <disable-components>Provides a comma-separated list of components that should not be installed
Allowed: server pgAdmin stackbuilder commandlinetools
--enable_acledit <enable_acledit>(Windows only) Checks and gives read permissions on the complete data directory path for the service account
Default: 0 (no)
--enable-components <enable-components>Provides a comma-separated list of components to be installed
Default: server pgAdmin stackbuilder commandlinetools
Allowed: server pgAdmin stackbuilder commandlinetools
--extract-only <extract-only>Indicates that the installer should extract the PostgreSQL binaries without performing an installation
Default: 0 (no)
--helpDisplays the list of valid options
--install_runtimes <install_runtimes>Specifies whether to install Microsoft Visual C++ runtime libraries before the installation proceeds
Default: 1 (yes)
--installer-language <installer-language>Specifies the installer language
Default: en
Allowed: en es fr
--locale <locale>Specifies the locale for the PostgreSQL cluster
Default: The locale detected by initdb
--mode <mode>Specifies the installation mode
Default: qt (use the Qt graphical toolkit)
Allowed Windows values: qt win32 unattended
Allowed MacOS values: qt osx text unattended
--optionfile <optionfile>Specifies the name and complete path to a file that contains installation configuration options
--prefix <prefix>Specifies an installation directory
Windows default: C:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\15
MacOS default: /Library/PostgreSQL/15
--serverport <serverport>Specifies a listener port number for PostgreSQL
Default: 5432
--serviceaccount <serviceaccount>Sets the operating system user account that owns the server process
Default: postgres
--servicename <servicename>Sets the name of the database service
--servicepassword <servicepassword>(Windows only) Sets the password for the operating system user account that owns the server process
Default: The superuser password
--superaccount <superaccount>Sets the user name of the database superuser
Default: postgres
--superpassword <superpassword>Specifies the database superuser password
--unattendedmodeui <unattendedmodeui>Specifies the installer behavior during an unattended installation
Default: minimal
Allowed: none minimal minimalWithDialogs
--versionDisplays version information about the installer

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