Removing a Node from a Cluster

The efm disallow-node command removes the IP address of a node from the Failover Manager Allowed Node host list. Assume the identity of efm or the OS superuser on any existing node (that is currently part of the running cluster), and invoke the efm disallow-node command, specifying the cluster name and the IP address of the node:

efm disallow-node <cluster_name> <ip_address>

The efm disallow-node command will not stop a running agent; the service will continue to run on the node until you stop the agent. If the agent or cluster is subsequently stopped, the node will not be allowed to rejoin the cluster, and will be removed from the failover priority list (and will be ineligible for promotion).

After invoking the efm disallow-node command, you must use the efm allow-node command to add the node to the cluster again .