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Best Practice DBA Services by the Postgres Leader

RemoteDBA services from EDB provide comprehensive high impact results from the Postgres Database Company. We have direct access to more PostgreSQL expertise than any organization in the world including key leaders and developers of the open source project. The services cover every aspect of your database system ensuring worry free operation and growth for years.

RemoteDBA Services allow you to immediately apply qualified manpower where you need it for either short or long term engagements in a highly cost efficient manner tailored to your needs. Our DBAs have years of PostgreSQL experience to apply to your systems and the deepest set of community resources to utilize should tough issues arise.

Please note: This service is provided only on General Availability versions of Postgres.

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DBA Service Levels that meet your needs:

The 24x7 Monitoring service provides monitoring setup, real time alerts and status reports. The Basic service adds software maintenance, parameter tuning, an Architectural Health Check and Technical Support. Or select Premium for full service expertise.

Who Uses RemoteDBA Services?

Many smaller companies without a dedicated DBA are prime candidates for RemoteDBA. If you can’t yet afford your own DBA or need to focus on other areas of your business, we can partner with you and help. Or perhaps your database is running fine but you are experiencing growth that will demand attention to your database. We've been there before and can prepare your database runway for a smooth takeoff. Finally, many of our RemoteDBA customers have their own DBAs but have temporary staffing issues that mustn't get in the way of critical business needs. With 3 levels of quality care available at value based prices there’s no excuse not to give your data and database the care they need now.

We will Monitor, Manage and Tune

The 24x7 Monitoring level of service provides you with a fundamental monitoring set up that no database system should be without. Then we monitor your database in real time 24x7 and notify your staff when any critical events occur that threaten your systems operations. Regular status reports keep you appraised of the ongoing health of your database.

Basic RDBA subscribers get the added services of keeping your software up to date and patched, database technical support, escalated issue management, backup verification and an Architectural Health Check that reviews critical characteristics of your database for best practices.

Premium RDBA subscribers get a named contact who on top of the other services performs capacity planning, and setups for point-in-time recovery, replication, dev/test environments, and users and security. Your RemoteDBA will tune queries, partition tables and offer advice in many other areas for total worry free care of your database infrastructure.

Select the RemoteDBA Service that's right for you...

RemoteDBA Subscription Levels
Service 24x7 Monitoring Basic Premium
Install/operate monitoring software Yes
EDB Postgres Enterprise Manager monitoring setup (1) Yes Yes Yes
Real time Alerting
Vacuum Monitor Maintain Optimize
Support Portal Access Yes
Status Reports Bi-weekly Weekly Weekly
Named Customer Contacts 2 2 2
Apply Version Update/Patches (2) Yes Yes
Manage issue escalations (2) Yes
Production backup verification (2) Monthly Weekly
Database Parameter Tuning (2) Advice Implement
Architectural Health Check (Remote) (2) One Time Annual
Remedy Alerted Issues (2) Yes
Database Technical Support (2) Premium SLA Premium SLA
Status Meetings (2) Bi-weekly Weekly
Primary EnterpriseDB Technical Contact (2) (2) Yes
Capacity Planning (2) (2) Yes
OS Parameter Tuning Advice (2) (2) Yes
Database Best Practice Advice (2) (2) Yes
Query Tuning (3) and Table Partitioning (2) (2) Yes
Index Maintenance (2) (2) Yes
User Setup/Security Maintenance (2) (2) Yes
Setup 1 Dev/Test environment per production environment (2) (2) Yes
Setup Point-in-Time Recovery (2) (2) Yes
Setup 1 Replica (Streaming or Slony) per production machine (2) (2) Yes

(1) Requires EDB Postgres Standard or EDB Postgres Enterprise subscription; standard alerts and metrics only.
(2) Additional services can be purchased to enhance the Monitoring and the Basic Level Service.
(3) Query tuning does not include query redesign or query redevelopment. Query tuning is limited to query restructuring and improvement of index utilization.

What are you waiting for?

Our goal is to remove any worries about your database systems. EDB will care for them with proactive planning, maintenance and tuning. We are on call around the clock and will often diagnose and fix issues without requiring your involvement. So call EDB now and be worry free.

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RemoteDBA Benefits

* DBA Services from the Postgres
   database experts.
* Best practice implementations
   based on years of large
   enterprise experience.
* Proactive maintenance prevents
   problems before they occur.
* 24x7 service leaves no gaps
   in coverage.
* Regular reporting and
   reports keep you informed.
* Customize any service level to
   meet your needs.
* Peace of mind database
   care and servicing.

Video: RemoteDBA

In this short video, learn how EDB’s RemoteDBA services can support your database infrastructure with round-the-clock global monitoring, regular maintenance, and strategic upgrade and long-term planning.

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