Failover Manager with virtual IP v4

Failover Manager provides support for clusters that use a virtual IP (VIP).

Failover Manager with VIP

Using Failover Manager with VIP


Install and configure the Advanced Server database and Failover Manager on three servers as following:

PG Primary, PG Standby1, and PG Standby2Primary / standby nodes running Advanced Server 13 and Failover Manager 4.2

Specifying VIP

In the cluster properties file, provide the hostname or IP address in the virtual.ip property. Specify the corresponding prefix in the virtual.ip.prefix property. Use the virtual.ip.interface property to provide the network interface used by the VIP. By default, the virtual.ip and virtual.ip.prefix values are the same across all the agents.

The specified virtual IP address is assigned only to the primary node of the cluster. If you specify virtual.ip.single=true, the same VIP address is used on the new primary during a failover. Specify a value of false to provide a unique IP address for each node of the cluster.

For information about using a virtual IP address, see Using Failover Manager with virtual IP addresses.