Database Compatibility for Oracle Developers SQL Guide v11

This guide provides a summary of the SQL commands compatible with Oracle databases that are supported by Advanced Server. The SQL commands in this section will work on both an Oracle database and an Advanced Server database.

Note the following points:

  • Advanced Server supports other commands that are not listed here. These commands may have no Oracle equivalent or they may provide the similar or same functionality as an Oracle SQL command, but with different syntax.
  • The SQL commands in this section do not necessarily represent the full syntax, options, and functionality available for each command. In most cases, syntax, options, and functionality that are not compatible with Oracle databases have been omitted from the command description and syntax.
  • The Advanced Server documentation set documents command functionality that may not be compatible with Oracle databases.

introduction alter_index alter_procedure alter_profile alter_queue alter_queue_table alter_role_identified_by alter_role_managing_database_link_and_dbms_rls_privileges alter_sequence alter_session alter_table alter_tablespace alter_user_identified_by alter_user_role_profile_management_clauses call comment commit create_database create_public_database_link create_directory create_function create_index create_materialized_view create_package create_package_body create_procedure create_profile create_queue create_queue_table create_role create_schema create_sequence create_synonym create_table create_table_as create_trigger create_type create_type_body create_user create_user_role_profile_management_clauses create_view delete drop_public_database_link drop_directory drop_function drop_index drop_package drop_procedure drop_profile drop_queue drop_queue_table drop_synonym drop_role drop_sequence drop_table drop_tablespace drop_trigger drop_type drop_user drop_view exec grant insert lock revoke rollback rollback_to_savepoint savepoint select set_constraints set_role set_transaction truncate update conclusion