EDB Postgres Advanced Server Guide v11

Advanced Server adds extended functionality to the open-source PostgreSQL database. The extended functionality supports database administration, enhanced SQL capabilities, database and application security, performance monitoring and analysis, and application development utilities. This guide documents those features that are exclusive to Advanced Server.

  • Enhanced Compatibility Features. This section provides an overview of compatibility features supported by Advanced Server.
  • Database Administration. This section contains information about features and tools that are helpful to the database administrator.
    • Index Advisor helps to determine the additional indexes needed on tables to improve application performance.
    • SQL Profiler locates and diagnoses poorly running SQL queries in applications.
    • pgsnmpd is an SNMP agent that returns hierarchical monitoring information regarding the current state of Advanced Server.
  • EDB Resource Manager. This section contains information about the EDB Resource Manager feature, which provides the capability to control system resource usage by Advanced Server processes.
    • Resource Groups shows how to create and maintain the groups on which resource limits can be defined.
    • CPU Usage Throttling provides a method to control CPU usage by Advanced Server processes.
    • Dirty Buffer Throttling provides a method to control the dirty rate of shared buffers by Advanced Server processes.
  • The libpq C Library. The libpq C library is the C application programming interface (API) language for Advanced Server.
  • The PL Debugger. The PL Debugger is a graphically oriented debugging tool for PL/pgSQL.
  • Performance Analysis and Tuning. This section contains the various tools for analyzing and improving application and database server performance.
    • Dynatune provides a quick and easy means for configuring Advanced Server depending upon the type of application usage.
    • EDB wait states provides a way to capture wait events and other data for performance diagnosis.
  • EDB Clone Schema. This section contains information about the EDB Clone Schema feature, which provides the capability to copy a schema and its database objects within a single database or from one database to another database.
  • Enhanced SQL and Other Miscellaneous Features. This section contains information on enhanced SQL functionality and other features that provide additional flexibility and convenience.
  • System Catalog Tables. This section contains additional system catalog tables added for Advanced Server specific database objects.
  • Advanced Server Keywords. This section contains information about the words that Advanced Server recognizes as keywords.

For information about the features that are shared by EDB Postgres Advanced Server and PostgreSQL, see the PostgreSQL core documentation.