Version 14.6.0 v14

EDB Postgres Advanced Server 14.6.0 includes the following enhancements and bug fixes:

Upstream mergeMerged with community PostgreSQL 14.6. See the community Release Notes for details.
EnhancementEnhance edb_filter_log.redact_password_commands so that passwords used in the CREATE/ALTER ROLE, CREATE/ALTER USER, and CREATE/ALTER GROUP syntax will get redacted when using optional parameters. [Support Ticket: #86366]DB-1984
EnhancementImprove an error when you alter the table column dependent on the package variable. [Support Ticket: #85027]DB-1950
Bug fixFix edbwrap to work under the FIPS-enabled system. This fix allows initdb to work with a FIPS-enabled system. [Support Ticket: #81283, #81673, #77660, #81457, #85713, #86663, #87246]DB-1746edbwrap
Bug fixFix abnormal behavior of edb-audit by enabling shared memory access to an edb-audit background worker. [Support Ticket: #86002]DB-1978
Bug fixFix IMPORT FOREIGN SCHEMA failure when the remote database is community PostgreSQL. [Support Ticket: #86156]EXT-29postgres_fdw
Bug fixEDB Postgres Advanced Server now provides the edb_fix_pg_proc.sql script to fix system function behavior on the existing v14 clusters created between 14.1.0 and 14.5.0. The script is inside <install_dir>/share/postgresql/ directory and you must run it manually. The edb_redwood_date setting is disabled in the system_functions.sql file to avoid the same issue in the future.DB-2023
Bug fixFix crash in type conversion function due to null input.DB-1547edbldr