Application programming v15

EDB Postgres Advanced Server includes features designed to increase application programmer productivity, such as user-defined objects, autonomous transactions, synonyms, and 200+ prepackaged utility functions.

Working with packages

How to use packages to encapsulate logically related types, items, and subprograms

Debugging programs

How to use the debugger to identify ways to make your program run faster, more efficiently, and more reliably

Using enhanced SQL and other miscellaneous features

How to use the enhanced SQL functionality and additional productivity features included in EDB Postgres Advanced Server

Including embedded SQL commands

How to use ECPGPlus to complie applications

Stored procedural language

How to use SPL to create stored procedures, functions, triggers, and packages for the EDB Postgres Advanced Server database

Table partitioning

How to take advantage of the table partitioning support in EDB Postgres Advanced Server

Optimizing code

Describes using EDB Postgres Advanced Server features to optimize database performance