Working with Oracle data v15

EDB Postgres Advanced Server makes Postgres look, feel, and operate more like Oracle. So when you migrate, there's less code to rewrite, and you can be up and running quickly. The Oracle compatibility features allow you to run many applications written for Oracle in EDB Postgres Advanced Server with minimal to no changes.

Enhanced compatibility features

Provides an overview of the compatability features included in EDB Postgres Advanced Server that support migrating Oracle applications

Querying an Oracle server

How to use the dblink_ora utility to query a remote Oracle server

Using Open Client Library

Introduces the EDB OCL Connector, used to compile Oracle Call Interface applications to interact with an EDB Postgres Advanced Server database

Including embedded SQL commands

Overview of using the ECPGPlus utility to embed SQL commands in C applications

Loading bulk data

Overview of loading bulk data with EDB*Loader

Protecting proprietary code

Overview of the EDB*Wrap utility, which you use to protect proprietary source code and programs