A Lasso report is the first step of any evaluation and assessment process delivered by EDB on existing installations of Postgres or related tools, including supportability checks, health checks, and incident response investigations.

You can generate it both in an automated and in a supervised way.

Some information can be gathered through automated tools in a noninvasive way, in phase 1 of the Lasso report. Some other information isn't automatically detected (at least in a noninvasive way). You must communicate it as part of the Lasso report, in phase 2.

After you return the gathered information to EDB engineers in phase 3, EDB proceeds with data analysis. Then comes either:

  • An offer, in the case of an initial assessment
  • A final report assessing the status and the health of your Postgres server, in the case of a health check service

You must provide EDB with all relevant information about the underlying system to check, in particular network and hardware configurations.