What do we gather in our Lasso report? v4

A Lasso report is designed to allow any EDB engineer to rapidly feel the pulse of your database by getting relevant information from your operating system and your Postgres server.

You can get a list with a detailed description of the information that's gathered from your system through lasso by entering:

    lasso --describe

If you need more information, contact your account manager at EDB.

Lasso informs its level of depth when scraping your system. There are three levels:

  • Surface: Noninvasive gathering process, mainly used to perform a supportability check of the instance and focused on the current moment. In terms of Postgres, the focus is on the instance, its configuration, and its general health. This level is the minimal level of scraping.

  • Shallow: Gathering of performance-related information, including basic trending data. In terms of Postgres data, its focus is moved down to the database. This level is suitable for support-incident resolution.

  • Deep: Most detailed level of scraping, suitable for advanced and security health checks but also for severe support incidents. In terms of Postgres data, its focus is on tables and indexes.