Comparison of EDB Postgres Advanced Server with Oracle

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As you assess the feasibility of the migration from Oracle to EDB Postgres Advanced Server, you’ll want to understand the similarities and differences between the two database technologies. EDB Postgres Advanced Server is an enhanced version of PostgreSQL that includes a number of built-in Oracle compatibility features. Although these compatibility features make it more similar to Oracle than core PostgreSQL, differences still remain. The intent of the comparison that follows is to give you a feel for the capabilities and features provided by Oracle that will migrate automatically or with minimal effort and those that will require more effort.

The following topics are covered in this comparison:

Having this understanding will help you to decide if EDB Postgres Advanced Server is a good option to replace your Oracle database. This information is also useful in planning the work required to migrate your database to EDB Postgres Advanced Server. After you decide to migrate to EDB Postgres Advanced Server, you can refer to the Knowledge Base available in the Migration Portal Portal Wiki tab for more detailed workarounds of common migration issues.

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