Comparison of nonrelational data support

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Nonrelational dataOracle EnterpriseEDB Postgres Advanced Server
JSON supportYes
Text based
Text and high-performance binary based
Key-value storeNoSQL databaseYes
Support for XML namespaces, DOM, XQuery, SQL/XML, and XSLTXML DBNo
Compression (tables, files, network, and backups)YesNo
Postgres performs compression of TOASTED rows
Hadoop integrationYes
ETL via Data Integrator Application Adapter for Hadoop
Real-time join with relational data with HDFS Foreign Data Wrapper
MongoDB integrationYes
Golden Gate adapter
Read/write/join with MongoDB Foreign Data Wrapper
Cube, rollup, and grouping setsYesYes
Transportable cross-platform tablespacesYesNo
Full-text searchYesYes
Advanced compressionYesNo

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