Installing a JDBC driver v55

Migration Toolkit requires Java version 1.8.0 or later.

Choosing a driver

Which JDBC driver you use depends on the what database you are migrating from or to:

  • If you're migrating to or from EDB Postgres Advanced Server, use the EDB JDBC driver. To download the latest driver, see EDB Connectors on the EDB Downloads page. For installation instructions, see Installing and configuring EDB JDBC Connector.


    The EDB JDBC driver is not available for Mac OS.

  • If you're migrating to or from PostgreSQL, use the PostgreSQL JDBC driver. To download the latest supported driver, see the JDBC drivers section on the PostgreSQL Downloads page.

  • If you're migrating from Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server or Sybase, use the freely available source-specific JDBC driver.


    The open source jTDS driver also supports older versions of Microsoft SQL Server (version 2012 and earlier) and may be used with Migration Toolkit. The Microsoft provided JDBC driver for SQL Server is recommended for the newer versions of SQL Server supported by Migration Toolkit.

Adding the driver to lib

After downloading the driver, move the driver file into the <mtk_install_dir>/lib directory.

For the EDB JDBC driver

If the EDB JDBC driver is installed prior to installing Migration Toolkit it should not be necessary to place a copy of it in the <mtk_install_dir>/lib directory. A symbolic link to the edb-jdbc18.jar file is created during installation of Migration Toolkit.

After installing Migration Toolkit, you can verify whether the symbolic link exists by executing the following command:

ls -l /usr/edb/migrationtoolkit/lib/edb-jdbc18.jar