EDB .NET Connector v5.0.7.1

The EDB .NET Connector distributed with EDB Postgres Advanced Server (Advanced Server) provides connectivity between a .NET client application and an Advanced Server database server. This guide provides installation instructions, usage instructions, and examples that demonstrate the functionality of the EDB .NET Connector:

  • How to connect to an instance of Advanced Server.
  • How to retrieve information from an Advanced Server database.
  • How to update information stored on an Advanced Server database.

This document assumes that you have a solid working knowledge of both C# and .NET. The EDB .NET Connector functionality is built on the core functionality of the Npgsql open source project. The Npgsql User's Manual is available online.

release_notes requirements_overview the_advanced_server_net_connector_overview installing_and_configuring_the_net_connector using_the_net_connector opening_a_database_connection retrieving_database_records parameterized_queries inserting_records_in_a_database deleting_records_in_a_database using_spl_stored_procedures_in_your_net_application using_advanced_queueing using_a_ref_cursor_in_a_net_application using_plugins using_object_types scram_compatibility advanced_server_net_connector_logging api_reference conclusion